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  • 7 Modules: Learn the basic moves, spins and tricks of pole dance in this course for beginners (on a static pole!) - students usually finish it within 2-4 months. Modules open every 4 days.
  • ​+ 1 Bonus Invert Lesson: After the 7 lessons, learn your first intermediate trick - how to safely go into an invert!
  • ​Long access: Learn in your speed and pause and repeat as much as you need! From you phone or computer, you just need an internet connection!
  • Community: You can join our Facebook Group for this couse and connect to other pole beginners!
  • Support: You can ask questions in our group and post videos of you!
  • ​Fun Workout: Many women and men find pole dancing is the perfect workout for them, because it´s fun to do and not as boring as going to the gym! Because it unites everything - strength, endurance, agility and dance!
  • Challenge: You will feel challenged by this course, pole dance can be hard but it´s absolutely worth it and fun! You will learn how capable your body is!


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I'm going to teach you how to gain confidence in pole dance and learn the right techniques to have a fun workout that doesn´t feel like working out!
A sport that just looks beautiful and is fun too!
Over the next 2-4 months, I will be teaching you what I teach in my beginner pole classes - the basics of pole dance! It will prepare you well for your pole journey!

So, you will learn the technique for static pole spins and a lot of them! Beginner pole dance tricks, like different sits and basic dance moves with the pole!

At the end of this course you will be used to the pole, know the basic skills in pole dancing and have increased your pole specific strenght, stamina, coordination and flexibility a lot and maybe lost some weight too!

I will teach you the right technique in this easy course for climbing the pole, pole spins, sits and pirouettes, so you can advance much quicker in your pole dance!

Your strength, stamina, coordination and agility will improve!
If you want to learn exotic pole dance for example - I always recommend to start with the basics! And this is what I am going to teach you here!
Whats Included...
  • 7 + 1 Modules which open every 4 days - with over 50 videos in total!
  • ​Discover my 2 Warm Up Routines, Best 4 Core Conditioning Exercises for Beginners & 2 Stretching Routines
  • Learn 3 easy Dance Combos with the Pole
  • ​Including How to Plan your Training and Tips for Pole Newbies
  • ​Learn Basic Pole Moves like - Pole Walk, Plie Spin, Pirouette, Martini Sit, Pole Climb, Cross Knee Release and muuuch more!
  • ​With lessons lasting between 45-60 Minutes per Day
  • Bonus Session where you will Learn your first Intermediate Move,  the Invert!
  • Access to all the Lessons for one year! - watch anytime and repeat as much as YOU need
  • ​Support and assistance from me in the private Facebook Group exclusive for this Course
  • Get started with Pole effectively!

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Here’s What People Are Saying:
"... and I always wanted to do pole dancing, but I've never had a studio near me, luckily I can finally learn it from my home without being completely on my own!"

"... what I particularly like about the course is that I can repeat everything as often as I want to and have a great structure that I can use to orient myself."

"I first tried to learn pole dancing on my own, which unfortunately failed ...
I learned through this course, how much better it is to learn the right basic techniques and to build up the strength, so that I can train safely and with fun and now really make progress! "

What Are You Waiting For?
  • Special price of only 119 € for 2-4 months of training!
  • Long access to the course! From your phone or cumputer!
  • With a private group on Facebook! Where you can ask Qs.
  • Structured and effective training from your home!
  • ​Finally a sport that is fun!
  • ​The perfect course to start with pole dancing!
Worth Over 299€
Today Exclusively For 119 €!
Or get the course + mentorship

I want you to be 100% happy with this course, i'm sure you will love it. But, if you aren't completely satisfied with it within the first 28 days, I will refund you 100% of your investment.
100% Money Back Guarantee

I want you to be 100% happy with this course, i'm sure you will love it. But, if you aren't completely satisfied with it within the first 28 days, I will refund you 100% of your investment.
Frequently Asked Questions...
Who can learn all pole dance?
Basically everybody can learn Pole Dance! Whether female or male, old or young, small or big. I even have students over 50 years old! Of course, the more you weight, the harder the moves can be, because you just have to carry more weight, but I've seen that this is no problem, because your body adapts! Our bodies are very smart and can adapt very well, so more weight just means stronger muscles.
However, if you have any physical problems / restrictions / illnesses that might speak against Pole Dancing, check in with your doctor first to see if it is good for you to do pole dancing!

I've never done sports before, do I have to have some previous experience?
No! This course is suitable for total beginners and anyone else who is just starting with pole dance!
Everyone will take different lengths to learn the lessons. I recommend to repeat every module at least twice, even if you are already very experienced in movement. In the beginning you will feel your upper body especially and become stronger there (since we seldom hang on the arms in our everyday life)!

Which Pole do you recommend to use at home?
I can only recommend to buy a professional pole, because they really hold and are safe!
e.g. an X-pole (better not with the new X-Lock system (PX) - very impractical for Exotic Pole) or a Lupit pole, these two are only span between the ceiling and the floor (so they should be solid). Just google it ;)

Is there spinning or static pole use?
We use static for this course.

Do I need high heels for this class? What should I wear?
No! :) the whole course is without high heels. Unless you really want to wear some! ;)
Clothes - put on something sporty, what you like and feel comfortable in! If we need skin contact with the legs or arms on the pole, shorts & top!

Does pole dance hurt ?!
It can sometimes hurt the skin, because we use our skin to hold on the pole, but you will get used to it!
Bruises (also called "polekisses") and sore muscles are definitely part of poledancing, but they become less and less after the first months of training. Especially with the right technique and clean execution you can avoid many bruises!

How can I access the course?
After buying the course, you will receive an email to create a log-in that will allow you to log in to the course, so you need an internet connection. The lessons/modules open in a 4 day rythm.

How long is a lesson and how often should I train?
I'll tell you everything in the course, but plan at least 40-60 minutes and 1-2 days a week for your training!

What happens when I finish the course?
You can continue to use it in the future! The basics are the key, I repeat the most important ones again and again, so do that ;).

How do I get help if something just does not work of the exercises?
For specific questions about the lessons, you can always write in our private Facebook group!

Access: You have guaranteed access to the course for 1 year!

If you have more questions feel free to write!

How does the mentorship work?

With this option you will have exclusive access to me and we will have 6 video calls together (45-55 min. long)!

You will get a link where you can schedule your videocall with me (so you need a webcam).
And you need to be able to film yourself.

You will send me videos of you doing the course prior to our call via Google Drive, Facebook or Whatsapp - So I can analyse your movement and give you valuable tips and private feedback to your training to have the best progess.

And you collect your questions about your practice and the course to ask me in our call and
I will help you get the most out of the course!

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Worth Over 299€
Todays Exclusively For 119€!
Or get the course + mentorship
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